Alexander the Grape

Ferrara Pan

Such a simple candy with such an average taste. As you would imagine, they’re grape. They’re that fake flavour of grape that’s very common in the candy world as well. It’s not that this is a problem, I generally like that fake grape flavour fairly well. The thing is the flavour doesn’t really evoke anything in me when I eat it.

The best part about these little round candies has to be the name. It's a clever play on words that invokes thoughts about the history of Greek domination, although the connection to grapes is in rhyming name only. While the Greeks did have some fine wine back in the days, I doubt that the makers of Alexander the Grape figured that into the equation. Most likely it’s the punchline from some old joke that someone in the marketing department of Ferrara Pan heard that thought it would work as a candy name as well.

I will say that the batch I had was either really stale or the candy itself has a really nasty soft texture. It felt way chewier than it should have been. I’ll assume it was old and not really hold that against this treat this day.

If you like the package and “clever name” pick some up, but if you’re looking for a potentially chewy candy with a fund grape flavour, get some Jelly Bellies instead.