When people ask me what my favourite candy is, I have two answers. One is simple, a British Kit Kat bar (it’s rated the highest on this site), the second answer is a little more complicated. What I really love is when I get to try something new, something I've never tried before, after all I've eaten one hundred different variations on the Mars bar... Make that one hundred and one. The Bar One is a Mars bar copy plain and simple.

It's caramel and nougat covered in milk chocolate, it's a combination that works, but it's not creative at all. I'm of course making the assumption that BarOne didn't come out before the Mars bar, because if it did, I'll have to change both this review and the Mars bar review.

While the basic principles of this bar are the same there are a few subtle differences. BarOne has a little bit more caramel than the Mars bar, and it's a little bit chewier. There's also a bit more chocolate surrounding the nougat and caramel. Some might argue that this improves the bar, others might say that it ruins the balance. I say if your least favourite part of a Mars bar is the nougat, you'll love these. I'm divided, I do enjoy the extra caramel, but it did lose something in the flavour balance.

I'll have to say that I still prefer the classic Mars bar, and I also wish Nestle would invest the time they took ripping off the Mars bar and make something new and original.