DiDO "Kare"


This bar may have achieved something that no other bar of its kind has ever done. More importantly this bar achieved something next to a bar that in my opinion is the greatest chocolate bar ever made. The DiDO bar is actually a fairly good rip off of the Kit Kat bar. I don't know if I could say that it surpasses the Kit Kat, but it's pretty close. I often buy bars that I know are going to be rip offs of classic bars because I enjoy watching them fail, this bar gave me no such pleasure. Instead it gave me the pleasure of enjoying a fairly tasty treat.

The part where this bar comes closest to the original Kit Kat bar would be in the quality of the chocolate. This is an interesting area to tie with Kit Kat, because not all Kit Kats are equal. An American Kit Kat uses a lesser quality chocolate than one would find in a British Kit Kat, that's why British Kit Kats are the treat everyone must try in their life. The thing about this bar is that it's much closer to the British quality of chocolate than the American, so in that respect this bar might be a little better than an American Kit Kat.

There are a few flaws to this bar, and that's why it's not a perfect clone. Technically, the flaw is with the wafers. I found that the wafers in this bar aren't as crunchy as Kit Kat, and I think they may be a little smaller. While this affects the perfect balance of the Kit Kat bar, particularly in the texture category, since the chocolate is so good it certainly doesn't ruin this bar. The other major flaw of this bar is the lack of originality. While I applaud Olker for making a fine copy of a classic bar, it would have been much better for them to invest the time and money in creating something original of their own.

This bar was very tasty and a pleasure to eat, but when you boil it down, it's just a Kit Kat rip off. I would have preferred something new and creative instead.