Um… Okay…. As you might imagine from the name of this treat, I had no idea what the deal was. I can’t read anything on this foil wrapper because I don’t read Cyrillic. There’s not graphics on the wrapper that would indicate what might be inside. I can feel that it’s likely some kind of hard substance, maybe chocolate, but I’ve been fooled by this kind of treat before, so I’m skeptical. I could sit here all day and explain to you that I had no idea what this candy is supposed to be, or what light lurk inside, but instead I should probably just go for it and take a bite.

So, I took a bite, and you know what, I still don't know what the deal is. It is chocolate as I suspected it might be, but it’s not North American and not European chocolate. Although it might be a little like something I tried from Southern Italy once. While this was certainly a chocolate there’s more, and inside this chocolate is where the mystery is to be found. At first, I thought it was a peanut brittle center, similar to a "Butter Finger" or "Crispy Crunch". The thing is the center seemed to fall apart a little bit too much. Then I discovered what seemed like little sugar crystals. So, the best I can say is that it’s a chocolate filled with some kind of powdery, crunchy, crystal stuff.

The next question is simple, was is good? Well, I'm not a big fan of the chocolate, but some people might be okay with it. The filling, although different, wasn't bad, just a little shocking. I enjoyed eating this one chocolate, but I might not eat a whole bag of them any time soon.