Original Gourmet "Root Beer Float"

Original Gourmet

The flavour of this lollipop worked about half way. What I mean to say is that one of the promised flavours worked perfectly, while the other one was practically non-existent. When I took my first lick of this lollipop, I could immediately taste a wonderful smooth root beer flavour. For a long time, I wasn't a big fan of root beer, but because of fine root beer candies like this, I've changed my mind and now I'm a really big fan.

The disappointing part of the flavour came with the "float" portion of this candy. I didn't really taste anything that would make me think that I was enjoying a root beer float, rather than just a root beer lollipop. This was really disappointing because I've had many root beer candies in my life, but I've never had a root beer float candy before. A slight creamy flavour would have made this average fine lollipop, into something fun and unique.

Texture wise it's kind of hard to judge a lollipop. I can tell you that the shape was a little large for my mouth at firsts, causing a slight ache in my jaw. It did however dissolve at a pretty good rate, and in no time my mouth was comfortable. I can also say that the time it took to go through this lollipop was long enough to allow me to enjoy the flavour, but not so long that I was sick of it. So, if how the candy feels in your mouth is how I'll rate this lollipop’s texture, then it wasn't bad at all.

This was a fine root beer lollipop, but it had potential to be an awesome experience. With just a big of a creamy flavour, it could have been one of the more unique lollipops I'd ever eaten. It's still pretty good, just not spectacular.

Suck Time: 56 min