May 2023






Oreo Cake "Choco Coated"


I think it would be fair to compare this cake to Oreo cookies. While I’m aware that there are significant differences between cookies and cakes, I feel like there’s a certain expectation that this cake should have some similarities to Oreo cookies. It’s not as if the package says that it’s made with Oreo cookies, or even flavoured with Oreo cookies. The package implies that this is the cake equivalent to an Oreo cookie. I wanted to make all of this clear before I talked about how little this cake resembles an Oreo cookie.

If I was to pick the one similarity between this cake and an Oreo cookie, I would say that it kind of looks like an Oreo. Let me be clear, the visual similarity is very minimal. It’s chocolate cake with a white cream. The cake is fairly dark, much like the cookie part of the Oreo. This is the only similarity between this cake and an Oreo cookie.

The chocolate flavour of the cake is nothing like an Oreo cookie at all. It’s much less chocolaty and fairly light. The cream in the centre is not nearly as dense as the Oreo cream, closer to a whipped cake icing. It just tasted like someone made a chocolate cake with white cream and paid to put the Oreo name on it.

The other factor of this cake is the chocolate coating on the outside. Creatively I’ll give it a pass as there are some chocolate covered Oreos out there. The problem with this chocolate coating is that it’s way too thin, I found parts of my cake exposed. The chocolate is also really cheap and didn’t melt at all to the touch, which is amazing considering how thin it is. Overall I feel like this cake is both a disappointment because it’s nothing like an Oreo and because it’s just not a great cake.