August 2022




Skittles "Smoothies"


There are certain features that make a Skittle and Skittle, these particular Skittles are missing a few of the important ones. I would say that texture and size wise these are exactly the same as all other Skittles. They’re chewy, but if you eat enough of them your jaw will hurt. Some people really love this sore jaw feeling, I get a little tired of it after a while, so I’m known to not finishing eating full large bags of Skittles. Fortunately this bag isn’t that large, and I managed to get through it without any discomfort.

Where this bag of Skittles does fail is entirely in the special theme of these chewy little buttons. While making a smoothie themed fruit treat seems to make sense, I feel like it just ruins some of the great things about Skittles. Two features I feel Skittles represents is bold flavours and bright colours. These are not coloured brightly at all. The yellow are kind of bright, but everything else is just pastel coloured, and kind of dull. While I could live with that, these also suffer flavour wise. I feel like there’s a weird flavour that goes through each and every Skittle in this package. I think it’s an attempt to make them creamy, but instead it just tastes chemically and it takes away any bold fruit flavours.

There were also a few fruit flavours that I feel didn’t work very well in this bag as well. This is however more of a subjective opinion. I didn’t really like the strawberry/banana Skittles because the banana is the stronger of the two flavours. Fake banana is not one of my favourite flavours and this fits into that category. The mango Skittles were also a little off as well. I find that often fake mango flavours just taste musty, and not at all like real mangoes. I feel like the problem is not using real mango juice, or at the very least enough of it.

On paper smoothie themed Skittles makes sense, but after eating these I’m not convinced that it can be done.