January 2023

Sour Patch Kids "Grape"


This is a bit of a complicated review to write. These are perfectly good gummy candies, but they’re not what I was expecting at all. They’re so far away from what I was expecting that I was kind of shocked when I opened the bag, and continued to be shocked as I ate them. The shock I had was a little disappointing, but I still really enjoyed these as a candy. The biggest problem with these candies is the expectation that you get from the package. I often say that I don’t really think about packaging when I review candy, but in this case it did set up a slight expectation.

The main thing one notices first when you open this bag of gummies is the fact that they’re not Sour Patch Kids at all. While there is some hints on the bag that there could be grape shaped candies in this bag, there’s also a large purple Sour Patch Kid prominently displayed on the package as well. I was shocked that this is only grape shaped gummies and with not a single Sour Patch Kid in the bag. The second thing about these is the very different texture they have from Sour Patch Kids. You may not notice this if you ate them on their own, but I happened to have had a bag of Sour Patch Kids tropical right before eating these. These grape gummies would fit more into the jelly category than gummy. They’re soft, but not as stretchy as most gummy candies.

Although they’re not the same as Sour Patch Kids, the texture is still nice and the flavour is very grape. They’re also kind of sour, just like Sour Patch Kids. Enough sour bite to make them fun, but not so much that my mouth hurt while eating them. I genuinely enjoyed eating this whole bag of gummies, but if you’re looking for authentic Sour Patch Kids you’ll be very disappointed.