A "Amaretto"


When I decided to do this review I came across a little problem, I'm not 100% sure that the name of this treat is "A". The reason I’m putting it as the name of this treat is because it’s the most predominant symbol on the package, so I made an assumption. In smaller writing on the sides it does say the words "Amaretto" so that could be the name, but amaretto is also a flavour so it could be an “A” chocolate flavoured with amaretto. What I don’t know is if this the amaretto flavoured "A" chocolate, or is this simply an "A"maretto flavoured chocolate? It's kind of confusing.

I'm thinking that using the letter “A” on its own is a way of trying to denote class, if it's the name or the first letter in amaretto. The thing is this treat doesn't really seem that classy. Sure, it's a lot classier than say a bag of pop rocks or even a Kit Kat bar, but it's not hand made or made of particularly fine ingredients. This treat is really what I like to call grocery store classy. It's the kind of treat that you can find in most grocery stores but it's a little more expensive than the generic grocery store candies you find in the racks near the cashier.

The chocolate is a nice quality, and the flavour (amaretto) is a flavour that one might not find in average candy. It's the kind of treat one might hand out to co-workers on a special day, but not something you'd really want to give to that special someone for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.