This bar is very chewy, and I'm not talking about our favorite Wookie either. The Abba-Zaba is not what I expect, but that's really not a bad thing. While it’s a bit of a shock when you open and bite into it that doesn’t mean that disappoints either. When I first opened the package, I was a little bit shocked because for some reason I was thinking it would be caramel taffy and not white taffy. I was also a little surprised by the peanut butter filling even though it says there's a peanut butter center right on the package.

The taste balance is great between the white taffy and the peanut butter center. The taffy is really sweet and it contrasts well with the peanut butter’s nutty flavour. The texture is a little chewier than I expected, but what can you expect from something labeled chewy taffy. The really creative part of this treat is the size. The folks at Abba-Zaba realize that a big bar would be way too much chew for your teeth, but as a small three bite snack my jaw wasn’t too sore at all.

Abba-Zaba is a classic treat in certain parts of the Unite States, so for some it doesn’t really feel that original. If you’ve never had one thought, you’re likely to be a little surprised by the combination of peanut butter and taffy. It’s really a great snack and a great idea.