April 2024

Aero "Peppermint Mini Eggs"


I’m not really sure what they had in mind when they designed these eggs. The package fairly accurately depicts small Easter eggs that are half brown and half green. This makes sense considering the flavour of the eggs, but really it’s not the most appealing colours for chocolate treats. This isn’t the weird part though, the strange thing about these eggs is that when you bite into them, most of the centre is also green. The chocolate portion of the egg is just a thin coating surrounding a bright green interior. This design is a little odd because the classic peppermint Aero bar has no green showing until you bite into it.

While the design is a little weird, the rest of the treat is fairly average, maybe a little too average. The filling does have small bubbles, which is essential if you’re going to call this an Aero treat. The bubbles might be smaller than those found in an Aero bar, but I have a habit of imagining the bubbles in an Aero bar as bigger than they actually are. The flavour might be similar to that of a mint Aero bar, but it’s been a while since I’ve had one so I can’t totally confirm.

The flavour is mint, but not that strong a mind flavour. I would actually say that this is the biggest fault of this snack. I don’t mind a really strong mint flavour if it has nice smooth chocolate to balance it out. I feel like the combination of mint and chocolate depends greatly on the contrast of the coolness and the creaminess. These little eggs were creamy, but not really that cool.

These weren’t bad, and although slightly misshapen and a little strange in looks, I certainly wouldn’t be upset to get these in my Easter basket.