After Eight Royale


I still remember every Christmas, sitting in my grandfathers living room going through a whole box of After Eights until I was sick. The smell of mint and chocolate is a real flashback for me. I saw this and thought wow, Christmas memories in a bar form. Well it was minty and chocolaty, but it was not an After Eight at all.

The main difference between this bar and the classic After Eights chocolates is the center. I seem to remember After Eights being filled with a thin layer of white mint cream. These are just filled with mint flavored chocolate. I can't really complain about the flavor, as an average mint bar it was fine. The problem is one of expectation, I was expecting something that would take me back to my childhood Christmas, but all I got was an average mint chocolate bar.

It just wasn't what I was expecting, it wasn't even all that amazing either. If you have a craving for basic mint chocolate go for it, if you have a craving for After Eights look somewhere else.