Almond Joy

Peter Paul

First of all, I was very surprised about something in the Almond Joy. I always thought that it was manufactured by one of the bigger candy companies, but to my surprise it's not. I'm sure that before I start this review you want to ask me if at this point I "feel like a nut"? I have to say that I almost always feel like a nut, after all I'm the Candy Critic... Man, that was a lame way to start a review. I should, however, warn you of something before I really start this review: I'm not a big fan of coconut, I never have been and I have yet to find many ways that I do enjoy it. I find it's really only when it's in small doses and I don't know it's there that I enjoy it at all. Coconut to me seems like the perfect accent to a treat, but if it's the focus I generally don't like it.

When you first bite into this treat you do notice it's coconutty, and as I said, it's really not a favourite thing for me in large quantities. It’s got a chewy texture and with the Almond Joy I also notice that the coconut is really sweet. It appears that it may have been sweetened more than regular coconut on its own. The almond part of the bar does add a lot to the texture, but as far as the flavour goes, it's really covered up by the overly sweet coconut.

The general texture of the bar is something I was a little surprised about. It wasn't that bad - the coconut has a nice consistency, and the almond helps, too. The chocolate was average, but much like the almond it was just so overpowered by the sweetened coconut that it just didn't cut it.