February 2023

Apricot Jelly and Nougat Roll


This candy is a collection of textures like I’ve never seen before. The best thing I could relate it to is if some fancy chef made a sushi out of candy. Much like sushi, it’s a collection of textures that go together, but aren’t exactly the same. It also includes flavours that work together in a really great balance. There was a great deal of thought in the creation of this candy because these complimentary layers even come through in the right order.

The outside layer is a very chewy, almost jelly layer. It feels like some kind of preserved fruit, or even a candied peel of some kind of citrus fruit. The only reason I’m not certain it’s a preserved peel of a citrus fruit is that it lacks any of bitterness that comes with those. Below that layer is a thin layer of nougat, probably the softest layer in this candy, but it still holds its own. The centre is filled with a dense fruit jelly that borders the line between the texture of gummy and jelly. Separately each layer is pleasant, and together it’s a delight to bite into.

I have to admit, I have no information about what the name or flavour of this candy is supposed to be. I thought peach or maybe a very light citrus, then after doing a little research I learned that it’s common to use apricot in this kind of candy, so I made an assumption that seemed to make sense. I can say for sure that this candy is fairly fruity, without blowing your socks off. I might also taste a hint of rose water, but it’s very secondary to the fruit flavour.

The only real fault I found in this candy might be an accident, but I’m not totally sure. My candy had a single small piece of pistachio floating in the jelly. This small piece did nothing to the flavour and very little to the texture. I found no other signs of pistachio in my candy, so I’m not sure if I just got an accidental piece of pistachio, or if I got a slice of this roll that had very little pistachio. I feel like it could be removed and this treat would be fine, but maybe if it was more dominant it would be good too. I don’t really know.