Asterix Popping Powder


Novelty wise, this candy had one thing really going for it, and one thing that kind of screwed it up. The thing it had going for it was the brilliant idea of using Asterix as a marketing tool to sell popping candy. For those that are unfamiliar with Asterix, his main power is super strength. To get this super strength he had to drink a magic potion from a green bottle, and this potion was often visually represented with little crackly bubble things coming out of the green bottle. The idea of making the package the shape of the bottle he drinks from, and then filling it with popping candy is brilliant.

The thing they screwed up with this candy's novelty isn't really that big a deal, but it did make my candy harder to eat. The "free sticker" that came with this treat was sealed inside the package. My sticker (and maybe this doesn't happen to all of the stickers) seemed to have been fused to the bottom of the package when it was closed. This meant that I couldn't get my sticker out until I ate all of the candy. This made it really hard to pour. Not a big deal, but something you could fix very easily and it would improve this treat greatly.

As for the candy itself, it was simple fruity flavoured popping candy. I couldn't really tell you want kind of fruit it was, so I'll just say it was some kind of fruit punch. As a side note while writing this review, I learned a valuable lesson about pouring popping candy into your hands just after you've washed them. This was however a good way to measure the quality of the popping. For the most part the pieces were on the small side, so the popping was a bit fizzier than popping, but there where a few good pops going on as well.

This is a fun candy idea, the candy itself isn't that creative, but the package makes it a little cooler. If you've never read an Asterix comic book this candy is completely lost on you, however if you have read the comic then you might get a kick out of it.