Astro Pop "The Reversed Kind"


When I went to the store to pick up this Astro Pop, I said to myself “Hey, I think my "Astro Pop" is busted. It's all backwards and there’s no wax on the end. Wait a minute, they're all like that. They changed them!” I guess I can understand why. As a kid I can't tell you how many times I stabbed the back of my throat with one of these. I guess I don't have to like it, but I'll accept that they made these child safe.

The strange thing about Astro Pops is that its a hard candy, but its kind of soft and sticky too. The pointed end may be gone, but the stickiness of this candy can still pull out fillings. It also gets really flexible when it gets warm and with the new shape it bends like crazy. About halfway through the eating process I had a piece of modern art instead of a candy treat.

The original taste of this new version of the Astro Pop is still everything I remember, each colour having a very different flavour. What those flavours are I'm not sure, but they're all great both individually and together. A tasty, odd-shaped, fillings-puller isn't a bad description for this candy, and it makes for a fun treat to eat.

Suck time: 54 minutes