Banana Candy


I've never been a big fan of banana flavoured foods, however in the last few years I've become a big fan of using bananas in foods. For example, bananas make an excellent base for ice cream, as well as a base for breads. What I've learned is that fake banana flavour may be gross, but real bananas are great for make other things. These however may change my opinion on this subject.

The first thing about these banana candies that's a little off-putting is the colour. While a slightly brown colour to food made from banana is OK, black seems a little extreme. When using bananas for cooking it’s often suggested to use ripe bananas (and they’re brown), however when they go black it's a good idea to throw them out. If you were to take the word banana off the package it wouldn't be that bad, however since it's the main theme, it seems a little strange.

The next thing that makes these a little strange is the packaging. It's obviously done by hand, but I didn't see the person making them, and that throws me off a little. I don't mind eating a candy that's hand made, but not when it's not sold (or given to me) by the person that made it. Look at me, I've managed to write three paragraphs without even biting into the candy, can you tell I'm nervous.

The smell isn't bad; it smells like a slightly burnt caramel. The texture is also like a caramel, that's two great things about this candy right off the bat. The taste however, that's not really great. It's not really bad either; in fact it fluctuates between not great and not bad at every bite. The flavour seems to change between that of a caramel, to a slightly acidic banana. It goes from pleasant to not pleasant, then back to slightly pleasant, then kind of gross. It's a marvel that it can change flavours so many times, but unfortunately one of those flavours is not great.

The after taste is more in the not pleasant side, it tastes like you may have eaten a rotten banana a few hours ago, and the taste lingers. I can't say that I "like" these Banana Candies, but I did manage to eat a couple of them to write this review. I would never seek them out. I'm happy to have tried them, although I'm sad that I've found a banana-based treat that didn't really work.