Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells

J.D. Gross

I don't really understand why Belgian chocolate in the shape of sea creatures are a common theme? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Belgian chocolate in this shape, and I doubt it’ll be the last either. I've visited Belgium in the past and I don't think I saw a single sea creature roaming around. Only a very small portion of the country is near the North Sea, and I wouldn't think of Belgium as a beach travel destination. So why in the world do I constantly come across sea themed Belgian chocolates?

Shape aside, these particular aquatic themed chocolates are a bit of a let down for me. As far as Belgian chocolate goes, they're pretty low on the spectrum of quality. The outer chocolate was very waxy and fairly flavourless. The stuff in the middle was a little better, but it could have been smoother and more flavourful. Since I didn't buy these chocolates in Belgium, I can't say for sure that they chocolate actually comes from there, or if it's in the Belgian style. Even if it was made in Belgium, I imagine that it was made with the intent to ship it out of the country, and therefor it is of lesser quality.

Strangely, the aquatic shapes that I don't understand, are actually part of the reason behind the best part of these chocolates. Because of the various shapes, each chocolate has a different ratio of outer chocolate to inner chocolate filling. I thought it was fun that one chocolate would have more filling, while another would have less. Some chocolates you could bite off the little arms, and others where giant one bite chunks. The shapes of these chocolates was fun and gave these chocolates a bit of variety. It's too bad the chocolate couldn't be a better quality.