One of the most common questions I get is how and why I pick the treats that I review. I can say that just about every single treat has a different reason for how and why it crossed the Candy Critic's path. Biz is no different, except maybe that the reason is two-fold. First of all, the name just sounded so cool that I figured if I didn't like it, I could maybe start using "Biz" as a catchphrase. Secondly after reading the title I came across the selling line "For your lucky time, have some biz!" My theory is that getting some lucky time is just what the doctor ordered, therefore so was some Biz.

As far as the treat goes, this snack has one thing that separates it from other treats, the crunchy bits in the middle. The chocolate is an average decent chocolate fairly flavourful with a so-so texture. Each one of these chocolate treats is stamped on the top with either a B, I, or Z. I spent a great deal of time arranging my Biz pieces to spell as many words as I could, and was disappointed by the sheer number of letter "Z" I had (not too many words with the letter “z” in it).

The stuff in the middle however was really interesting. Basically, they’re filled with what appear to be corn flakes, but that's not all. There are also these little round crunchy white balls mixed with the corn flakes adding just a little more texture. I'm not sure why the dynamic of these two crunch agents works, but I can tell you that it does. The crunch of these little nuggets is ok, and it's a little different than a cookie or rice crisp centre that many other treats have. I was very surprised by these and I'm really happy I tried them.

Slightly better chocolate, and a little more variety in the letters stamped on each one. That would make these much more fun to eat.