Bliss "Milk Chocolate with a Meltaway Center" Bar


I'm going to give you one important warning about this Bliss bar before I go off on whatever tangent/rant that eating this bar creates. The warning is simple, you do not want to eat this Bliss bar this summer, or any summer for that matter. You may think that these are mean words to say, and the folks at Hershey's might even be a little ticked off at me, but I truly give you this warning with the best intentions.

The reason I say you shouldn't eat one of these Bliss bars over the summer is it will probably melt all over you. The chocolate in this bar was so smooth and melty that the minute it got into my mouth I could feel it start to melt away. From the standpoint of eating this bar, it was absolutely spectacular, smooth, creamy, melty and tasty. The feeling this bar gave my mouth was pure bliss (lots of pun intended). You might not want to take this Bliss bar on your hike through the blazing hot desert, but at home under the proper temperatures I would say you probably don't want to miss this bar.

It's very rare that chocolate bar makers decide that the texture of they're pure milk chocolate candy bars is more important than other factors, but this is truly a case of that. It's not that the flavour of this bar was horrible, it was okay. It's just a case of a bar that's obviously focusing on the texture, with great results. I have another one of these bars that I was going to give to a friend, but I think I'll keep it for myself instead.