Blood Orange Codials


I think my favourite thing about anything that’s flavoured with Blood Oranges has to be the fact that the word "blood" is in it. A blood orange, in reality, really isn’t that red, or at least it doesn’t ooze blood or anything. This leads me to this particular treat, it also does not ooze any blood like substance either. I’m a little disappointed about that but really, I can’t hold that against this treat. It is however filled with some kind of liquid like center and that’s pretty cool.

The center doesn’t really taste that orange like, although maybe it’s got a bit of a citrus twist. I think it might be lost in the sweetness of this treat, that’s something I often find with sweet treats that are supposed to taste like citrus. To me, one of the main features of a citrus flavour, be it orange, lemon, lime or whatever, is the sourness. When you make sweet treat that’s supposed to taste like a citrus you often get the sourness masked by sweet and it ruins the real citrus experience.

I’m even fairly sure that the orange flavour in these is actually orange, maybe even real blood orange. I guess it’s not that the flavour is bad, it’s just the combination of sweet to sour is a little uneven.