Blue Bones


Are you into retro candy, you know stuff from the 60s and 70s? Are you into Japanese candy, things like Pocky and Koala's? If you answered yes to both these questions then this review will be right up your alley. What you see here, and what I just finished eating, is a traditional Japanese candy, that is if you where born in the 60s or 70s. It's funny, I never really gave much thought to Japanese treats from that era. I either think about the modern Japanese treats or the treats that are hundreds of years old.

For the shear interest this treat is well worth looking for, after all it's not something you'll see on every shelf all over the world. It's pretty much a tiny little blue gummy skull vacuum-sealed in a plastic container. The problem with this this treat is for the taste value it's not really worth it at all. In fact, when I popped it in my mouth the flavour was so fleeting that I couldn't tell you exactly what it was supposed to taste like.

The plastic sealed container wasn't easy to get through either. The top was extremely difficult to get off, it had no easy to open corner and the glue on the top part caused the paper to rip. Getting the treat out of its form fitted dish was a pain as well. It took several minutes to get it out without damaging it (I wanted to know if the skull shape would stay, and it does). It's also super sticky on the fingers.

I guess this treat is ok, but it's nothing special, unless you have memories attached to it or you just want to try retro Japanese candy from a particular era.