This treat works in a really odd way. In fact, it works so well that I'm surprised no one has made these before (at least to the best of my knowledge). The simplest description of this crunchy snack is to compare it to a cheese puff, but instead of being cheesy, it's peanut flavoured.

Those of us used to eating these puffs with a cheese flavour might be a little put off at first with the peanut flavour. The thing is, after a few of them, you start to notice that they work fairly well. The crunchy puff and peanut flavour is a nice combination. Now that I think about it, I'm not really sure why a cheese flavoured puff makes any sense at all. After all, cheese isn't crunchy, so why would we want a cheese flavoured crunchy puff?

While I will say that I enjoyed eating this bag of peanut flavoured puffs, it wasn't a perfect snack. The biggest flaw is in the flavour, or more specifically the need for salt. At each bite I was craving a salty flavour and I didn't really get it. There might have been a slight salty after taste, but I think the salt could have been dialled up a bit. It's the same kind of disappointment that you get when you munch a mouthful of roasted peanuts only to find that they aren't salted. Your mouth spends a few seconds digging for that salty contrast, only to be disappointed.

I think this treat is great, it's creative and really taste like peanuts; I just think it needs a little salt.