Boom Vampire Gum


I don't get it; I don't understand what this gum has to do with vampires at all. There's a picture of a bat on the package that's shaped like a gumball, but that's not what bats look like, and this gum has nothing to do with vampires, bats, or Halloween at all. Worst of all the features of this gumball don't really work either.

The candy coating on my gumball was melted, so when I opened the package I was greeted with fingers covered in blue goo. The candy coating was just strange, I thought it was just going to be like a regular gumball, but instead it was a thick candy coating that I had trouble biting through. The "fizzy" centre that I hoped would redeem this candy was pretty much non-existent. Finally, the gum itself is truly disappointing, it's less than a chicklet's worth of gum, and within a few minutes had no flavour at all. Speaking of the flavour, I'm not really sure where blueberry fits into the Halloween theme either.

Speaking of the theming, I think one simple change probably could have made this gum work perfectly into a Halloween theme. One of the features of this gumball is that it's supposed to paint your mouth. Since the gum is blueberry flavoured Fini thought that the gum should paint your mouth blue. That would be logical under most circumstances, but since it's a Halloween themed vampire gum, why doesn't it paint your mouth red. It's such a simple thing to do, but for some reason Fini has decided to put a blueberry gumball into a "scary" package, and call it Vampire gum. Disappointing for sure.

Chew Time: 2 minutes