Boran "Black Bean"


I think it’s safe to say that as far as ice cream treats go, this is not what you would call conventional. At least one would not call it a conventional ice cream treat from a western perspective. The flavours, and in fact natural ingredients, of this treat are things that many people have eaten, however they wouldn’t normally be associated with a sweets, frozen treat. The key ingredients in this frozen treat are coconut and black beans.

Coconut isn’t that uncommon in the candy world, in fact one might even say that it’s a staple of many classic sweet treats. I would say that coconut isn’t common in ice cream treats however, although it’s not the rarest ingredient either. There are a few treats that I’ve tasted that use coconut, however it’s often a secondary ingredient, something to give a fruit a slightly tropical feel. It’s safe to say that the main flavour of this ice cream treat is coconut, so if you’re not a big fan, you might find the flavour of this bar to be a little bit off putting. I’m not a huge fan of coconut, but I can tolerate it, and I would agree that if blended well with other flavours, it works fine. This ice cream bar had a little too much coconut for me, and by the end of the treat I was kind of sick of the flavour.

The other ingredient is the one that I can’t say I’ve seen in many ice cream treats, anywhere, and that’s black beans. I’ve seen red beans, or red bean flavour in a few frozen treats, but black beans are far less common. I can’t say that I think they worked very well in this treat, and that’s probably why you don’t see it everywhere. The black beans pretty much froze into pellets that after some chewing would get soft and would then leave you with a mouth full of chewed (slightly coconut flavoured) cold beans. The mushy texture of beans works well when you have a chip to dip it in, but in your mouth with just a hint of coconut, it’s a little weird. I felt like I had to work to get the beans pulled out of the treat, only to have them turn into something I didn’t want in my mouth.

I can’t say that I would ever recommend this bar for any reason other than to try an ice cream treat with black beans in it. It wasn’t disgusting by any means, but it wasn’t that much fun to eat either. The highlight was the coconut, but that’s only because it was certainly made with real coconut, so the flavour was very authentic. Other than that, this seems like a treat that’s weird for weird sake, even though I doubt it was made to be that.