Boston Baked Beans

Ferrara Pan

I was worried that I might get a little gassy from these Boston Baked Beans. Hahahaha, you see, I do have a sense of humour. These aren't really beans, they just look like them, and I said I thought I'd get gassy... Funny right? Well now that I have that out of my system (again with the gas jokes), on to the review.

If you've never tried these, the best way to describe them is that they are like beer nuts with a really hard shell. Simple candy-coated peanuts with a savoury interior and a sweet exterior. The shell however is much harder and difficult to bite through you’re your classic beer nut. Actually, the shells were so hard they hurt my teeth a little. In some ways that’s kind of fun, but after too many it gets a little tiresome.

I was very impressed that the nuts weren't stale or rancid. Sometimes when you have a packaged treat like this it’s hard to keep the nuts fresh. The problem is that peanuts can be a testy item, and when they go bad it’s pretty gross.

While I did enjoy eating these, and I enjoyed the fresh tasting peanuts, I'd still rather have a bag of warm beer nuts instead.