Harry London Chocolates

Ohio is the buckeye state, what a buckeye is I'm not sure. I imagine that it's the thing a male deer uses to see. It could also be the price of eyeballs in days gone by. What I do know is that a part of the US goes nuts for anything with the name "Buckeye". Recently while traveling through Ohio I came across these Buckeye treats, actually these treats where all over the place. I'm not sure if the name comes from this candy, or if the treat was inspired by the mysterious Buckeye. It would really help if I had a clue what a "Buckeye" was.

These things kind of look like eyes, well opposite eyes, in that the center is white and the outside is brown. Now I'm not sure what the inside of anybody’s eye looks like, but I'm sure it's not full of peanut butter like these as well. Maybe that's why deer rely more on their sense of smell and not sight, maybe they have peanut butter in their eyes too. The peanut butter in these isn't bad, I always prefer the real stuff unsweetened but that rarely happens. The chocolate could be a little thicker as well; its flavour is a little lost in the peanut butter.

I wonder if the eye's center is supposed to be peanut butter, but for better mass production these guys decided to just put a little white chocolate on the top. Wish they didn't, but I guess it makes sense. I also wish they used slightly better quality chocolate as well, but again why should I complain... Wait a minute I'm the Candy Critic, I should complain. The idea is cool, the execution is OK and the ingredients aren't the best.