White Rabbit

Food General Factory

I have some really fond childhood memories of White Rabbit. I think as a child, these were my favourite chewy candy, which says a lot considering how many chewy candies there were back then. White Rabbit have this great milky flavour that fills up your whole mouth without leaving a bad after taste. The texture is also really nice and chewy. I’m sure if you were to eat a lot of these your jaw would hurt, but I can manage at least two or three of them before I feel anything.

One of coolest features of White Rabbit is the rice paper between the candy and the wrapper. When I first tried White Rabbit, I spent forever trying to take the thin layer of rice paper off of the chewy candy. I was then told that you can actually eat it. It turned out the rice paper was completely edible and it has a cool texture and subtle flavour. When you put the candy in your mouth (rice paper and all), the rice paper melts away almost instantly, giving these a really unique starting texture. Then you can bite into the chewy candy and the rice paper pretty much disappears. It’s almost like getting two treats in one.

The only problem with White Rabbits is if you come across a stale batch. You'll know you have a stale batch because they get as hard as a rock, and that first taste is a little funky.