Burger Gum "Ketchup - Like Liquid Filled"


When you find a candy like this Burger Gum Ketchup candy, you pretty much know that you're either going to get something really awesome, or something really crappy. Unfortunately, today I got something really crappy. This candy could have worked, a realistic looking hamburger gum, full of flavour, and filled with a gooey ketchup textured center could be kind of fun. Instead what I got was a mouthful of disappointment that lasted only a few minutes before loosing its flavour.

Sadly, the fact that the flavour only lasted for 8 minutes or so, wasn't the biggest disappointment. As soon as I opened the package, I was sorely disappointed by the effort put into making this chunk of gum look like a hamburger. What it looked like was a small red macaron, with only a red/pink colour throughout it. When you look at the package, you'd expect something with a yellow like bun, and maybe a few layers of various colour on the inside to simulate the fillings of this hamburger. Had they labelled this a bubble gum macaron; it would have actually not disappointed me at all.

The second problem might not have been the fault of Fini, the people who manufacture this gum, but instead might have been the shop owner where I bought this. My bubble gum burger was really, really stale. The liquid was pretty much non-existent, and my jaw hurt for the first few minutes of chewing it. Considering this was supposed to have a liquid center, it was totally dry and hard to chew.

Strangely though, there is one saving grace to this treat, and that's the flavour. This bubble gum hamburger had a really nice cherry flavour. That's why I think, if they labeled this treat as a bubble gum cherry macaron, I wouldn't have been nearly as disappointed. In this case the flavour would have worked, the look of the candy would have worked, and it might have even allowed for a slightly crunchy exterior.

As a bubble gum hamburger this thing is a failure, as a bubble gum cherry macaron, it's much more tolerable.

Chew Time: 8 min