Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups "Skulls"


I really should have loved these chocolate skulls, but I just couldn't. Technically on paper these chocolate skulls should have been amazing. Chocolate skulls filled with peanut butter and crushed crunchy peanut brittle (or whatever you call that stuff in the center of a Butterfinger), is pretty much a perfect combination. Even the ratio of these ingredients seemed really well balanced. The problems however made this bar a fairly big disappointment.

The first problem for me is one that you may not agree with, and that's the flavour of the Butterfinger. I find that Butterfinger bars are too sweet and not nearly flavourful enough. That might have not been a problem had the bar only used little Butterfinger bits in it, but unfortunately, they also flavoured the peanut butter to taste more like Butterfinger as well. It could have been that they wanted this bar to be unmistakably a Butterfinger, but I feel like real peanut butter would have been a better choice. The second problem was the chocolate, I find that sometimes American chocolate bars can have really low-quality chocolate. While some people argue that subject with me, this is a perfect example of that. The chocolate was waxy and really lacked any creamy or cocoa flavour. With the strong sickly sweet Butterfinger flavour, the weak chocolate flavour was pretty much eliminated.

The ratio and concept for this bar is great, even the skull shapes weren't bad, unfortunately the quality of the ingredients, and the over Butterfingerness of it just didn't work for me.