The funny thing about the Butterfinger is, I've referenced it about a thousand times in past reviews and articles on this website. Yet while checking the review section recently I realized that I had never actually done a review of the Butterfinger. It falls into the category of famous treats that are so common place that I just figured I must have reviewed it already. That does create a bit of a problem when I review it though. I'm not sure if I should look back at the old references and make sure my review fits the way I’ve referenced the Butterfinger in the past. I probably should look back, but honestly I'm pretty lazy and I just want to eat the bar.

For the most part this bar is just like a Crispy Crunch (I checked and I did review a Crispy Crunch before) but it has two things going wrong with it. First of all, it's really sticky. The crunchy toffee stuff in the center sticks to the teeth like it's nobodies business, too much for my liking. Secondly the stuff in the center really doesn't have that strong a flavour, it's kind of nutty, and kind of burnt toffee like, but not enough to really give it a true distinct flavour. There’s just something kind of fake/strange about the flavour of this bar.

Other than the two problems it's pretty good, it's not one of my favourite bars in the world, but if offered I will not refuse it.