Butter Scotch Candies


Sometimes I discover a candy that's a lot like many other candies I've had before, but just a little bit different. For some reason the idea of tasting a candy that's just a little bit different actually makes me happy. Sure, I'd love to have a completely new candy that I've never tried before, but there's something really sweet (no pun intended) about having a candy that takes a classic and just shifts it a little bit. Of course, the slight shift has to be in the right direction, you can't just change a candy and it's better. If you're going to make a subtle change to a candy, it better be a change in the right direction, and even though the shift is subtle, it better be noticeable too.

What you have here is a candy that's almost exactly the same as a Werther’s caramel candy. There are a lot of hard candy butterscotch treats out there, but most of them are very similar if not exactly the same as a Werther’s candy. This one is similar as well, except for one subtle change. I use the word "subtle" for a reason. This candy is like a Werther’s, only just a little bit more subtle in flavour. It's different enough that I can taste a difference, but it's really a very subtle one. This candy just tastes a little creamier and a little less sweet than Werther’s (or any of the Werther's clones I've tasted before). At first, I thought I was disappointed with this candy, but the more I sucked on it, the more I started to enjoy this subtly.

I'm not saying that this difference made it better than a Werther’s, but it didn't make it worse either. I'm also not suggesting that making subtle versions of all candies would work either, in fact I think there are several candies that might work better with a slightly more intense flavour. The key is to know what kind of flavours you're working with, and adjust them the exact right amount, that's what this Butter Scotch Candies did.