Buzz Bites

Vroom Foods Inc

So, there we where, driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire at about 3 in the morning. Allison's at the wheel and I'm trying desperately to keep us both awake. We decide to pull off at a store and get us something to boost our energy just enough to get to our destination. Allison went for coffee and I decided that a Mountain Dew would be the best choice, and then I saw it. It was a super powered Mountain Dew energy drink. This was the first and last energy drink I've ever purchased. I was so wired for the next few hours that Allison threatened to pull over several times. I'm thinking that sitting in a car was not the best place in the world to experience this kind of caffeine rush.

I tell this story because I wanted you to know how terrified I was to try these chewy little blocks of energy. I was really looking forward to the chocolaty taste, but scared to death about what might happen after. I decided that I would do this review right before I had manual labour to do on a day that I was really sleepy. The day came and here are some notes from my experience:

"Yummy chocolate flavour, a little like dark chocolate but creamy."
"The aftertaste is a little strong and bitter, but not like a chocolate bitter."
"I'm starting to feel less sleepy now, I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or not."
"I'm enjoying the heavy labour, lifting boxes isn't that bad."
"Kind of sweating a lot."
"For no particular reason I decided to see how wide I could open my eyes."

I warned people that I was doing this review and everybody around me said that I appeared normal. This frightens me a little because I did feel kind of awake and buzzed. I didn't suffer from a particularly hard crash either and I fell asleep that night with no problems. So, I guess what I'm saying is these Buzz Bites seemed to work fairly well, and they tasted fine at first but the aftertaste is kind of bitter and gross.