Cal Cheese


This snack should not have worked at all. I bought it because it was in the cookie aisle with other cookies that were made by the same company and who's packaging looked exactly the same, except for the word "cheese" written across it. This snack took a classic wafer cookie formula and added cheese. It's just not supposed to work at all, but it does.

My first assumption about this cookie was that it wasn't a cookie at all. I figured that they likely took all of the sugar out of the wafer and filling, and that this would just be a salty snack instead, I assumed wrong. This is in fact a sweet cookie; the wafers are sweet and even the cheese filling is sweet. My second assumption was that if they didn't take the sweet away, that these would be horrible, but I was wrong again.

The idea of cheese and sweet foods going together is nothing new, just look at cheesecake and cheddar cheese on apple pie. The thing is, it just seems weird on a package for cookies. Some might say that my example of cheddar cheese on apple pie is weird too, but it is a popular dessert choice for some. I think these cookies work for one solid reason, they didn't go overboard with the sweet. Instead it's a slightly sweet cookie, with a nice mild cheese flavour. I won't disagree that it was odd, but it tastes pretty good.

I'm sure not everybody will like these, some people will just get hung up on the idea of a sweet cheese flavoured cookie. If you step back and look at these objectively I think they really work. Having said that, I'm hoping that the candy industry never has a sweet cheese trend. I think while this might have worked, there are many reasons where it could have gone wrong.