Camel Balls


Ever since I was a kid, and well before I started this site, I’ve come across candies that one might call indecent. I remember when I was a kid, I came across a candy that was basically a diaper used to wrap a chocolate bar. For the most part these kinds of candies don’t really make it out into the mainstream. You only really find them in joke shops, or in a few candy shops. Some are very elaborate gimmicks, other’s a much more subtle. These Camel Balls fall into the more subtle, in that there’s nothing overtly indecent about this candy, other than the name. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really planning on writing this review, but I’ve actually seen these Camel Balls in more and more shops, and they’re getting some traction around the internet. I’ve also learned that the popularity of this particular candy has spawned a renaissance of obscenely named candy, that’s actually not that obscene… or is it?

My assumption of this candy was that it was going to be a brown gumball with a red filling. I figured that the package was the whole gimmick, and weird one at that. In general, it’s pretty much what I expected, it’s brown, it’s gum, and there is a red gooey filling. The interesting thing however is the shape. The folks at Fini have decided that making it a simple gumball wasn’t enough to sell the real Camel Ball theme, so they made it egg shaped instead. I’ll be honest, this detail made it a little bit closer to what I imagine a camel’s testicles to look like (never thought I’d have to think about camel testicles working on this site).

The gum itself is fairly average, it’s some kind of fruit flavour, and the flavour lasts only a couple of minutes. I was however disappointed by the fact that on the package it says that it’s “extra sour”. I would call it subtly tart at best. The flavour was the one part of this candy that I was looking forward to, and it really disappointed. The filling was red and gooey enough, the gum tasted fine, but the sour was almost non-existent.

I think the folks at Fini went a few extra steps to make this gimmick gum seem a little more authentic, and I give them credit for that. But if you take the package, and the shape away, what you’re left with is a below average goo filled gumball.