Candee Slurpee

Flix Candy

Let me start this review by saying I don't get it. I have just taken off the packaging and I still can't really figure out how to eat this treat. It says something about puncturing something else but I don't know; I'm a little afraid. Well, I can sit here and stare at it or I can give it a shot. I guess in the worst case I don't eat it right.

Ok, this treat is going to get really high marks in the novelty section because I've never seen anything like it. Basically, you poke a straw through a hole in a lollipop top, which leads to a little reservoir of sickly-sweet liquid candy. It's like drinking a Slurpee but without the cold slush refreshment. It's like drinking the syrup for a Slurpee. It's not that great; it's way too sweet and I can't even tell what flavour it is, maybe strawberry.

The top part, or the lollipop is ok. The little sprinkles fell off the minute I took the protective dome off. The other problem is when you drink the liquid after licking the top your face gets covered in sticky lollipop stuff.

I'm just not sure the Slurpee experience is something I need in a candy treat. Sure, it's different but I think it's a little too sweet and I don't think I'll make my way through the whole thing.