June 2024

Candy Cola "Jelly Beans Cola Flavor"


These jelly beans had two flaws that made them just fine instead of fantastic. One of the flaws is pretty minor, while the other might even be considered catastrophic. I’ll start with the minor flaw, but keep in mind it’s more of a personal choice than a real flaw. I find that some of the better cola flavoured candies I’ve tasted in the past have a bit of a sourness to them. When you drink cola you don’t really feel the sourness, but if you take it away it’s very noticeable. These had an ever so sour after taste, but it just wasn’t sour enough for my liking.

The second, almost catastrophic flaw of these jelly beans comes from the outside coating. The coating of these jelly beans was just too soft and too thin. This is particularly problematic since these jelly beans are sold in really hot climates (South East Asia). Basically all of my jelly beans turned into a giant clump. I had to break them apart and bits of the coating broke off. Not only did this thin coating affect how I ate these, but it also affected the mouth feel as well. They just didn’t have that satisfying crunch you get on the outside of most jelly beans. It was more of a weird squish with a filling that was even squishier.

While there were some problems, in general I was happy enough with this jelly beans. I wouldn’t seek them out again, but I enjoyed them well enough. I feel like they could be improved with a harder shell and slightly more sour taste, but I can’t really complain too much.