Old Fashioned Handmade Lollipop "Cotton Candy Dinosaur"

Country Market

Wow the name of this treat is the oddest collection of words ever compiled. If you re-arranged it in any other way, you'd think the world had gone horribly wrong. Fortunately, in the order it is presented, it tells me is that not only am I in line for a tasty lollipop, but I may also get a little fun time in too.

Nothing can brighten up a day more like explaining to others that today for work, I sucked on a pink t-rex's head. The idea of eating a dinosaur lollipop is a really fun thought, but there are some realities that make this a little less fun than you might think. I really appreciate the fun shapes that some lollypops (like this one) come in, however, the fun shapes can sometimes make it a little difficult to enjoy. This one is already covered in spittle, because when I suck on it, my spit ends up in the little groves and such all over this dinosaur. Then when I take a break from this lollipop, my spittle just drips down to my hand. I'm sure this is creating a great visual for you.

My other issue with this particular treat is the flavour. It really sounds like I don't like this lollipop at all, but that's not true. I'm just having one of those point out the bad things days, and I’m not sure why. The flavour of this lollipop is cotton candy, now isn't cotton candy just spun sugar? So, this has the same flavour as spun sugar, only it's not spun, so it tastes like sugar. See I've already confused you, and I'm not sure how I could explain it any better.

Now I know cotton candy has its own flavour, or at least it does now, but it's not the strongest flavour in the world and maybe not the best for this kind of snack. I didn’t hate this lollipop by any means, but I just wish it could have been a little easier to eat, and a little more flavourful.
Suck Time: Not available as it is too big