July 2022

Canyon River Chocolate Rocks

Desert Gatherings

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think these candy rocks are unique. I think it’s likely that the candy company that has their name on the package simply buys these candy rocks in bulk from large candy manufacturer and attaches their own label. In fact the package states that Desert Gatherings is the “distributor”. I say this because while it looks like this candy is made by a small candy company, I feel like it’s actually made by a very large candy company. I believe this is true mostly because I can’t think of any small candy maker that has the ability to make these chocolate rocks. They seem like something that’s very mass produced both in the quality and in how complicated it would be to make something like this.

If we accept that these are not artisanal chocolate rocks, then the flavour and texture are far less surprising. I feel like the chocolate in these rocks is fairly low quality. It’s fairly flavourless and very waxy, the chocolate is almost as hard as the candy shell. The candy shell is also fairly ineffective. It adds zero flavour and texture wise it’s only a slight crunch. If I was eating these with my eyes closed I would say that they’re a fairly disappointing candy. The thing is, I didn’t eat these with my eyes closed, so I was delighted with the fact that they kind of look like rocks.

I would say that they look like overly bright cartoon rocks, but that kind of makes it even more fun. I like the fact that each and every rock was very different from the next. Both in colour and shape you get a really great variety of rock shapes and colours. The colours are fairly bright, but nothing that I haven’t seen in nature before. Some might even confuse this bag of chocolate treats as a bag of slightly polished pebbles. These are a gimmick candy, but they pull the gimmick off very well.

I feel like there’s so much potential for a candy like this, a cake decoration comes to mind right off the bat. Sure I wish the chocolate was better and the candy coating might be good if it actually added to the flavour and texture a little more. I still had fun eating these, and as a kid I would have had a great deal of fun trying to convince my friends and parents that I was eating a bag of rocks.