Caramilk "Maple"


I'm not at all sure why I do this to myself, but every time they come out with a new variety of bar, I have to try it. The problem is that often I don't really like it and I'm very disappointed. This is particularly the case when it's one of those variations they do right across the board, like adding an orange flavoured chocolate or a strip of caramel. I'd rather they tried to match the variation, to the bar; think about it a little. Well, we'll see if it works this time.

At first bite you can hardly taste the maple at all; it just seems like a normal Caramilk bar. But no worries are in order because after a bit of chewing the maple flavour appears, although only for a little while. The maple flavour only seems to last for a few seconds, and then as quickly as it appears, it's gone. I can't say I'm disappointed though, at least they used a flavour that works well with the original idea of the treat. I mean, caramel is burnt sugar, and so is maple syrup sort of.

The flavour may not have been as noticeable because of the similarities between caramel and maple. I am glad they didn't boost the maple flavour either; that could have made it very unnatural or harsh. I think the only way you might boost the maple and get away with it is to use only pure (real) maple syrup instead, but then that wouldn’t be a Caramilk bar would it.