Original Champion "Candy Cola Flavoured Toffee"

Candy Tops

Is cola supposed to be sour? For some reason I've come across so many candies with a slightly sour cola flavour. These candy cola flavoured toffees are a perfect example of this flavour phenomenon. There is certainly a cola flavour to these, but there's also this astringent sour flavour as well. As far as I remember cola for the most part is really sweet, in fact isn't that the problem with cola? I've never really experienced a sour flavour when I’ve sipped on a can of cola, particularly like what you find in these toffees.

The other thing that confuses me a little is the name they use on the package. I'm not really sure what "candy cola" means. I'm well aware that this is a candy and not a real cola. Were people complaining that when they bought one of these toffees that they weren't getting the full cola experience? It could also be that these are not trying to simulate cola, as in the drink, but instead cola as in the nut. Having never tried a cola nut, I can't say how similar this might be.

While this isn't my favourite toffee, or my favourite cola flavoured candy, it's not bad. The only thing that might explain the sour flavour of this candy could be that it's simulating the cola nut (which might be sour, I don't know). If not, I'm not really sure why they went this direction.