Original Champion "Creamy Toffee"

Candy Tops

There are two kinds of toffee in the candy world, there's creamy toffee and burnt/bitter toffee. Creamy toffee is smooth and the flavours are very subtle. Burnt toffee can still be smooth, but the flavours are more intense. As you can tell by the name, this is a creamy toffee, and it's a great example of how creamy toffee should taste.

The flavour of creamy toffee should be subtle, but not flavourless. It should fill your mouth with a smooth creamy flavour as you chew it. It should also be sweet, but not so sweet that it's more like a taffy than a toffee. It should taste like the sugars in the milk have just started to caramelize, but the milk flavour is still the predominant flavour. This toffee does this pretty well. It's very smooth, creamy, but not sickly sweet. The only problem with this toffee is the texture.

The texture is a little too hard/chewy at first, and the first few bites you're working to get that creamy flavour out. Other versions of the Champion Toffee line have stronger flavours so the chewiness comes out much faster. In this case I had a few bites with no flavour before the creamy flavour came out. It certainly wasn't something that ruined the candy, and it keeps it consistent with the other Champion brand toffees, but it might have been worth modifying for this one.

It's not a bad toffee, it's a classic flavour done well, it could just use a bit of softening up for the subtle flavour.