Original Champion "Original"

Candy Tops

This toffee has one of the strangest names ever, it's the original flavour of the "Original" toffee made by Champion. I think it would make more sense to just skip the flavour on this package and leave it blank, then one would assume that it's the original flavour. You don't see a traditional 4-fingered Kit Kat bar with the word “original” on it, you just know that if nothing is said, it’s likely the original. I'm not going to lower the score of this candy because of this indiscretion, but I just thought I would mention it to the folks at Champion... if they're reading this.

The toffee in this original candy itself isn't bad. It's a pretty strong toffee, so maybe they should have put "strong" as the description instead of "original". The best comparison I could give for this toffee flavour is molasses, a fairly dark molasses too. I always thought of toffee as being closer to a caramel than a molasses in flavour, but this still tasted fine. The great thing about the strong burnt flavour is that it wasn't too sweet. Many people complain that toffees can be too sweet; this certainly didn't seem that way at all.

Creatively I can't really say that much about this candy. It's a cube of tasty toffee, and that's about it. Having said that I don't think there's any reason to spruce this candy up either. They do have alternative flavours (that I have reviewed), so it's nice that they also have a plain and simple flavour to balance them out.