Blackberry + Hibiscus

The Charming Candy

Handcrafted lollipops can be a hit or miss. Some of the best and some of the worst lollipops I've ever tasted were handcrafted. This particular lollipop falls into the hit category, and I'm pretty sure it's because of the simplicity. While blackberry and hibiscus are not really a common flavour combination, this lollipop is still very simple. I say simple with the utmost respect, it doesn't have any gimmicks other than the flavour.

While the lollipop is simple, the flavour is a little more complicated to figure out. The biggest problem I have with the flavour is that I'm not really sure what hibiscus tastes like. While there is an unmistakable berry flavour to this lollipop, I'm not really sure how the hibiscus plays in. I can only assume that it improves the flavour because I really enjoyed the subtle berry flavour. That's another great feature of this lollipop, the flavour is very subtle, it doesn't blast you with a tart or strong berry flavour.

Texture wise my only complaint would be that the lollipop was a little sticky at first, but that could be because I was enjoying it on a hot day. After sucking on it for a few minutes the stickiness went away and I was left with a pleasant hard candy. Eventually, as is common with handcrafted lollipops, the stick did fall off, however there was only a little bit more candy left and it fit pleasantly in my mouth.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this lollipop. It was comfortable to eat, the taste wasn't overpowering, it was just very pleasant. I'm not sure if I could identify the flavours used, but it tasted fine, and that's what's most important. All in all it was a pleasant candy, and sometimes on a Saturday afternoon that's exactly what you want.