Charms "Cherry"


The idea of putting two treats together really must be a difficult one to pull off in the candy business. Great thought has to go into the textures, the flavours, and most importantly which order the treats are presented. This is particularly the case when it comes to mixing gum into just about any treat. This is primarily because gum has staying power and is really sticky, so often it can lead to problems when mixed with other candies. The best example I can give of gum not working with another treat comes in the form of bubble gum ice cream. I like it, but either my gum is frozen or I end up getting bits of ice cream cone in my gum, both of these cases really being problematic.

This Charms lollypop on the other hand is prime examples of how to mix two treats (using gum) together, and do it right. By the time you get to the gum most of the lollypop is long gone. That is if you don't decide to crunch your lollypop right off the bat.

They also have it right by not mixing up the flavours in the lollypop either. It's not like I suck a lovely cherry lollypop and then get the horror of some sour apple or watermelon gum. It seemed to me that the gum in the centre of this particular treat was cherry, although it could have been plane and the cherry residual flavour gave the gum a kick. Either way it worked well and it was tasty.

The only difficult task with this treat is pulling all the gum off the stick, and my only disappointment was the fact that the gum flavour lasted about 1 tenth of the time of the lollypop.

Suck and Chew time: 25 minutes