Cheetos Crunchy


I’m not really a cheesy guy. I mean I like cheezies and all, but I never crave them. If I’m at a party I find that I gravitate to the chips way before I’d even consider a cheesy. Well that is unless all that’s left are barbeque chips, because to be honest I just don’t like them. Maybe it’s the mystery aspect of cheezies that turns me off. I’m not really sure what they are or even what they’re supposed to be.

They advertise themselves as crunchy and cheesy but normally those two things don’t go together at all. If I ever bit into a block of crunchy cheese I’d probably lay off cheese for a few years after. Cheezies are also crunchy in a strange way. They’re kind of like a Styrofoam, but not really. It’s like deep fried…. Well nothing. It’s like they just deep fried nothing and covered it in cheese.

Having said all of that, these cheezies aren’t that bad. The cheese flavour is good enough and the crunch, although disturbing, is OK. I’m not a changed man, and I doubt I’ll even buy another bag of cheezies again, but I’m OK with that.