Choco Kit "Ice Cone"


While this DIY candy has its flaws, I would say that in general it's a success. The biggest problem I had with this kit wasn't a flaw as much as a misunderstanding, and that was completely a language issue. Since the instructions weren't in English, I had to get some help and make a few guesses as to how this candy worked. I think I managed to figure it out though, and the results were a neat chocolate like candy that was actually fun to make. Best of all it looked pretty good even though I don't have any skills in making small frozen chocolate treats.

Language aside, there are two things I would consider a flaw in this treat. The first, and biggest problem was the amount of flavored chocolate offered. If I'm to believe that I followed the instructions properly, then I was short on chocolate. I didn't have enough to complete all of the treats and a few cones were left empty. The second flaw is more personal, but I didn't like the flavor of the chocolate. I'm generally not a fan of flavored chocolate as it is, and the fact that it’s melon flavoured chocolate was not great. Fortunately, the flavor wasn't so intense that it ruined the whole treat, it just wasn't very pleasant.

The biggest surprise was how well this chocolate chilled in the freezer. It was cool, and had a really great texture. I'm going to keep an eye open for different flavors of this treat as it was fun to make and fun to eat.