Choco A-Npan


I like to think that I have an open mind about candy, that I don't judge treats unfairly and with a bias. I'd like to think that, but to be honest there is one part about reviewing candy that always effects my judgement of treats. I'm not sure if it's an unfair bias, because it has to do with what I see on the package. For example, when I saw these little treats I was expecting little chocolate filled cookies, makes sense right?

What happened when I bit into my first Choco A-Npan was a complete shock to me. When I bit into my first little nugget what I got was a mouth full of bread filled with chocolate. Sure, it makes sense with a name like Npan (“pain” is French for bread), but it never occurred to me that they would actually give you little soft buns filled with chocolate, it just didn't seem possible.

The only problem with these is my relation I have to normal chocolate bread. Under normal circumstances I like my chocolate bread to be fresh and not stale, since these have been in the package for more than 1 day, they’re certainly too old. The chocolate however is just fine, nice ratio of chocolate to bread, smooth and creamy, just right. It's just the bread is a little bit stale. The thing is I'm not even sure how they could possibly keep it fresh in this package, at least without the use of a lot of chemicals.