Choco Boy


If you're the type of person that likes the look of mushrooms but would rather have the texture of cookies and a chocolaty flavour, this is the treat for you. I'd also recommend you get yourself some help, because mushrooms aren't really that great looking, unless its a Smurf house. The problem with these isn't the shape even, the problem is that each one of them was all bent out of shape, so they didn't even look like real mushrooms.

The look of these treats is a great idea that didn't really work. Taste wise these are pretty good, or at least the cookie is. The cookie kind of taste like those children’s digestible cookies, and man those are great. The cookies are crunchy too; I was a little worried that they might be soft. The chocolate on the other hand was kind of cheap. In fact, I barely tasted chocolate at all. It pretty much just tasted like wax, and it barely melted in my mouth.

The package asks me to "Have fun with your friend Choco Boy!" I don't know this Choco Boy person, and what does eating mushrooms made of chocolate have to do with this "Choco Boy"? It’s all very confusing and strange, but maybe that’s a plus.