Chocolate Caramel Creams


I'm a big fan of chewy caramel, I like it covered in chocolate, filled with nuts, and even on its own. The one thing about any chewy caramel is that it has to be fresh. Since "chewy" is in the name, it has to be just that. If it's too tough it can really hurt the jaw and even dull the flavour. This is the first of many positive notes that these Chocolate Caramel Creams are going to get. Since I received the bag of caramels straight from the fine folks at Goetze's they came fresh, soft, and very tasty.

The second fine mark I want to give these treats is the chocolate flavour added to the caramel. Some might argue that you shouldn't call it caramel if it is chocolate flavoured, but I disagree. I feel that a chocolate flavoured caramel is completely legit, and in fact if done properly can cut through the overly sweet flavour of the caramel, creating a nice balanced flavour. These achieve this perfectly.

All of these points equal a treat that frankly many other candy and chocolate shops have offered in the past. Tasty chocolate flavoured caramel is a fairly common treat, but these have an addition that makes them something special. I've tasted a few chocolate covered chewy caramel treats in my day, but Goetze’s went the other way and have created a caramel filled with soft chocolate centre. The amount and quality of the chocolate is in perfect balance with the caramel outside.

I can't really recommend these enough. If you like chocolate, and/or caramel, you're going to love these. If I had to give them one bad mark, it would be the white powder on the outside of each piece. It seems to be something to keep them from sticking to the wrapper, but it ruined the aesthetics of the candy just a little bit.